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About Us

Empowering a better future

Learning allow us to change, grow and redefine possibilities, no matter who we are, or where we are from. 

ECI Time delivers lifelong learning opportunities for all, where we can study advance knowledges, learn skills for job, pursue a higher degree, to build a better future.      

Our Mission

"ECI" reflects our commitment and mission, whereas:


We work for education equity

The innovation in online learning has been provided condition to enable education equity, where we can access to quality education without border limitation and reduce the cost of getting higher education.  We work with universities, colleges and insitutions to deliver learning opportunities to global learners.   



We address community needs of learning 

Education changes lives. We address our community needs of career exploratory, upskilling, landing their careers, or gain a higher degree in a flexible way. 


We work to make inspiration happen

Lifelong learning inspires human creativity, ideas and well-being. We aim to make your inspiration happen to empower a better future.