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ICCTE2023 Optimizing Future Cooperation

ICCTE2023 brings together two states in Malaysia and one province in China, working together to create a new future for cultural and economic development.
By ECI Time2023-04-05

MOOC and Micro-Credentials: The emerging order of global higher education

Covid-19, which has ravaged the world for two years, has subverted the traditional economy and life mode of people all over the world, and has also rapidly catalyzed the teaching networking of higher education. On the premise of life safety and not giving up education, the problems of network teaching must be broken through one by one. Many universities and colleges have also taken network teaching as a normal teaching mode to prepare for the post epidemic era.
By ECI Time 2021-08-17

Careers in Accounting and Finance

Finance is known as the lifeblood of a national economic system and the sum of all commercial activities. In enterprise organization, financial personnel and accountants often work side by side, and determine the future of an enterprise at the same time. What is the difference between finance and accounting? What is the inseparable relationship.
By ECI Time2021-08-17

Review of THE World University Ranking 2022

Through the discipline QS World master ranking in 2021, we found 51 top universities in different disciplines.
By ECI Time2021-08-17

Malaysia's Digital Banking Revolution Gains Momentum: GX Bank Leads the Charge

In a groundbreaking move, Malaysia's inaugural digital bank, GX Bank, commenced full-scale operations at the close of last year, signaling the nation's entry into the era of digital banking. As this innovative concept takes root, its far-reaching implications are poised to disrupt the landscape of the country's finance and banking sectors, promising a wave of transformative reforms in the near future.
By ECI Time2024-02-23